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Remote Customer Service Opportunities

**Due to confidentiality we do not list actual clients names**

Retail Industry

Provide exceptional customer support to one of the largest designer brands or another retail client.

Handmade Bag

Tax Software

 Support an enterprise software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. Interact with customers via phone, one way video and screen share. Focus on software questions, resolving issues and serving as an ambassador for the brand

Filling Out Tax Form

Transportation Support

Provide customer support for individuals who need medical transportation.

Happy Bus Driver

Roadside Assistance

Help motorist in need with being the empathic support agent. Help customers find repair shop, towing support, lockout help and gas needs.

Roadside Assistance

Theme Park

The most magical place on earth, provise support for their customers for reservations for dining and hotel.

Amusement Park

Financial Industries

Banks need help also, be the white glove treatment for one of our banking clients. Provide exceptional support and a caring tone.

Managing Online Banking
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