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Our  job at Thomas Talent Network, LLC is to provide  top performers with the motivation to be the best of the best. We strive for outstanding service and expect to produce outstanding results for our clients and their customers.

Below you will find answers to questions commonly asked.

1.) I'm interested in Working from Home, how does this work?

Got questions? Let's clear things up!

As independent contractors partnering with Thomas Talent Network, LLC, you'll handle call volume for Fortune 500 companies. Your job? Work remotely, connecting with these companies and providing stellar customer service. Once you complete our certification course, you're set to take inbound calls from home – simple as that!

Using client-provided VOIP services and a call center headset, you'll field calls from your chosen company. Our certification course equips you with the skills to navigate their systems seamlessly. Essentially, it's like running your own mini call center from the comfort of home!

Working remotely means you can balance work and family life without the hassle of commuting or office drama – and you'll save money too!

You call the shots – pick your clients and set your own pay rate. Plus, enjoy the flexibility to choose your own hours, whether that's full-time or part-time, week by week.

Why do we mention "Fortune 500 companies" instead of specific names? Well, our clients prefer confidentiality, but trust us, we collaborate with some amazing brands that you'll love working with!

Ready to be your own boss? Partner with us today!

2.) Are these jobs real?


 There is so many Work from Home Scams out there, it’s hard to know whom to trust, right? Thomas talent Network, LLC is a partner with Arise Virtual Solutions, which has been in business for 15+ years providing real work-from-home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.


Partner with us today so we can get you started with Fortune 500 Companies needing your services! Your more than welcome to chat with us (in the bottom right) or give us a call (888-908-4190) if you have any questions!

3.) How much can I make?

Your compensation can be little. It can be small. It is solely up to you how much you would like to work and the number of hours you would like to service. Some clients do offer bonuses so you can make extra revenues. Some clients have a base rate, and you make additional revenue depending on the task you complete per call. It’s solely up to you and you can definitely bring any questions to us.

There are clients that are open 24/7 to make it very convenient for you. We have team members who make between $500 – $1500+ twice a month

4.) I'm not sure if my state qualifies, is there a way to check?

You must reside in the United States to work from home.

At this time Thomas Talent Network, LLC is not supporting opportunities for residents of the following states:

  • California

  • Connecticut

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • New York

  • Oregon

  • Wisconsin

  • Colorado

  • Illinois

  • Minnesota

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Vermont

  • Washington

You are also able to move to any state (not listed above) and still provide services – many jobs don’t provide you this flexibility or require an extended transfer process

6.) Are you my employer?

No, we are not your employer, as a independent contractor you are your own boss, we provide the platform to find employment and payroll services. 

7.) Do you offer Military Incentives?

Yes, we do please inquire with one of our HR staff.

8.) How Do I get started?

Submit an application via the "APPLY NOW" button to get started on your career!


Once an application has been submitted One of our staff will reach out to you to talk a bit more to make sure you are clear on information and details***

Split Placement Opportunities FAQ

What are split placement opportunities?

As a Split placement partner you are assisting our company with recruitment resources for various roles and in various industries.

Do I need to be a licenses business to partner with the company?

No, you do not but it is a good idea to get licensure in your state.

How much money can I make?

Typical split placement partners can make $1700- $25,000 per placement, it depends on the role and the placement fee.

Is there a training?

We do offer recruitment training for aspiring recruiters via Teach:able You can view the course outline here: there is a fee for the training

Do you partner with recruiters or staffing companies in other countries?

We are always looking for ways to expand our presence in other countries with professional recruiters.

Do you supply any tools?

Yes we do! We provide ATS platform that post to multiple job boards and a resume database. We are always looking for more resources to help support our independent partners. 

Do you offer mentorship to build my own staffing and recruitment company?

Yes! Please reach out to for more information

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