Vacation Rental

Service Type: Sales and Customer Service Inbound Calls

Bilingual Agents in French or Spanish starting pay $12.00/hr can make up to $15.00/hr

Job Description: 

Starting pay is $9.00/hr top performers can make up to $12.00/hr

If you are passionate about sales, travel, and/or timeshare ownership, this opportunity is a great choice!

Assist members in placing their wait-list requests for a resort that is currently unavailable.

• Offer members alternative vacation options if their first choice is unavailable.

• Sell membership packages by advising members of the features and benefits of the Core, Gold, and Platinum levels as well as all Interval products.

• Solve member concerns for first call resolution, ultimately avoiding escalation

Certification Time:

Phase I Instructor-led and Self-paced Learning Dates: 11/4/19 – 12/3/19

Phase I provides an overview of tools, knowledge, resources and practice call-time necessary to use Interval systems and provide quality service to Interval customers. This phase is:

• IN-DEPTH • 4 Weeks: 2 Hours of SelfPaced content and 4 Hours of Instructor-Led content per day

Phase II Mock Call Certification Dates: 12/4/19 – 12/12/19

Once the Interval Exchange Class is successfully completed, learners move into this phase. This phase administers mock call certification. This phase is:

• Fast! • Each agent goes through a 1-hour mock call.

Phase III Certification Call Taking Dates: 12/12/19 - 1/31/20 Once

Phase II is successfully completed, agents move forward to the Live Certification Call Taking Phase. This phase gives call centers the opportunity to earn service revenue while taking live calls. This phase is:

• An opportunity to earn while you learn

• 30 Days: the First day is the post-log-in party, then up to 29 days of live call taking.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9 am-11 pm EST • Saturday 10 am-8 pm EST

*Subject to change based on client needs. Peak call volume is Monday-Friday from 2 pm-8 pm EST

Agents must work a minimum of 15 hours a week with 3 hours on – Saturday or Monday or a combination of both.

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