PCG Customer Service and Sales

Starting pay $10.00/hr

Job Description: 

Provide high end, white-glove support to very large CPA firms who do personal taxes for their clients.

• Interact with Lacerte users via phone, responding to customer service questions and/or renewal questions.

• Research, analyze and determine an appropriate course of action for Lacerte customers; recommend additional services and add-ons as applicable.

• Be a positive representative for Intuit and the Lacerte Group; take a caring and empathetic approach to customer interactions.

• Articulate how to use the Lacerte software product accurately and efficiently resolve customer inquiries on the first contact.

• Provide quality customer service while demonstrating the ability to effectively troubleshoot and resolve inquires.

• Offer analytical and organized resolutions and find a sense of enjoyment in troubleshooting, critical thinking and problem-solving.

• Secure the firm’s commitment to renew the software.

Capabilities of Top Performing agents for this Program:
• Experience providing white-glove support to high-end customer. • Foundational technical skills and an understanding of how to use a computer and software. • Experience in a goal-oriented, fast-paced, changing environment. • Ability to understand client needs, identify helpful resolutions, and recommend additional products and services and needed. • Demonstrates a sincere desire to assist the customer, and puts the customers’ needs first. • Ability to align and communicate with the customer effectively. • Tenacity to understand the customer’s business needs and provide the appropriate recommendation. 


Certification Time

Phase I Log-in Party 11/1/19

This phase is: An overview of how to login to all Intuit systems

Phase II Instructor Led eLearning with Self-Paced Modules

11/4/19 – 11/20/19

This phase is:
• An overview of tools, knowledge, resources and practice call-time necessary to use client systems and provide quality service to client customers with service, tax support, and technology issues. This course is:
• A combination of self-paced and instructor-led

• 3 hours of instructor-led classroom

• 3 hours of self-paced work.


Hours of operation:


Monday – Friday 9:00 AM EST – 8:00 PM EST

Most Intervals Available *

Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST
*Subject to change based on client needs.

Agents must work a minimum of 20 hours a week with 2 hours serviced on Monday OR Friday 



Additional Equipment Requirements Standards:

A USB headset with phone quality audio will be required, examples include

Logitech h390 USB headset & Plantronics Model C320

• i5 Processor (or AMD equivalent) required (i7 processor preferred)

• 4GB memory required, 8GB memory preferred

• Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit




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